SSL XRack VHD Input module & LMC

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VHD Input Module

Combines the uniquely versatile VHD Pre with the classic SSL Listen Mic Compressor.

The VHD Pre is a patented SSL preamp design that can deliver ultra-clean SSL grade recordings but also features the VHD circuit which can be switched into the signal path. The Variable Harmonic Drive circuit uses a 100% analogue signal path to generate rich harmonic distortion. As you increase the input gain, the Variable Harmonic Drive circuit introduces either 2nd or 3rd harmonic distortion or a blend of the two to your source material. At lower gain settings it adds gentle valve-style warmth or a touch of transistor edge. As the gain is increased the more extreme the distortion becomes until at high gain settings it delivers fierce trashy transistoresque grunge. VHD pre's give the user ultimate versatility from a studio grade preamp. Whether it's ultra-clean traditional SSL, subtle warming or totally trashy transistor distortion, VHD will change your expectations of what a preamplifier should deliver.

The SSL Listen Mic Compressor is a studio classic. This famous processor from the legendary SL4000E console was the secret weapon in many producers sonic arsenal of recording techniques. Originally designed to prevent overloading the return feed from a studio communications mic, its fixed attack and release curves were eminently suitable for use on ambient drum mics.

Key Features:

Electronically balanced ultra-high bandwidth Mic input with +20dB to +70dB gain control

Hi-Z and Pad Switches on Mic Amp Input

Dedicated Additional XLR Line Input

Variable Harmonic Drive circuit adds a controllable blend of 2nd or 3rd Harmonic distortion

Dedicated Trim control after the VHD stage

Classic Listen Mic Compressor with fixed attack and release curves... ideal for drums

High and Low-Pass Filters

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