SSL Nucleus2 (Dark)

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Since its release in 2010, Nucleus has won TEC's, Sound on Sound, Resolution and MIPA

awards, and we now reveal the next step - a Nucleus for the world of Audio over IP.

Nucleus2 is a unique proposition for the professional project studio with a perfect blend of

advanced DAW control, transparent SuperAnalogueTM monitoring with talkback, SSL console

grade mic pres, pro quality Dante audio interface and bundled SSL Native plug-ins. There is

no other product available which offers the professional producer all of these elements, with

benchmark audio performance and elegant ergonomics. Not only is it unique but Nucleus2 is

also outstanding value; these elements bought separately would cost more and deliver a less

elegant solution.

Nucleus2 is a compact, portable desktop unit that creates a comfortable, efficient, hands on

operating environment for DAW based Music and Film/TV Post production. It provides

everything you need to record and monitor audio and to control your DAW quickly and

efficiently without resorting to your mouse. Nucleus2 streamlines your workflow and helps

you focus on your sound, not your screen.

Nucleus2 offers a unique combination of audio capabilities. At its foundation is a SSL

SuperAnalogueTM signal path providing benchmark audio quality monitor output to "main"

and "alternate' speaker sets via +4dBu connections. A high quality 2+2 Ch Dante audio

interface provides a record and playback path for your DAW or connectivity to a wider Dante

IP audio network. Two Combi XLR mic/line/instrument level inputs can feed the audio

interface and the monitor outputs simultaneously. Digital I/O via S/PDIF feeds the AD/DA of

the audio interface (pre insert) enabling both a "digital to DAW" record path and a

"mic/line/instrument to digital" output path. The Digital input can use Ch 3&4 of the audio

interface so can be recorded to separate channels in your DAW in parallel to the incoming

analogue mic/line/instrument inputs. A wet/dry control enables balancing of analogue (and

digital) input and DAW playback for zero latency record monitoring. With Nucleus2 we have

added a talkback input that feeds the headphones, and triggers a switchable -20dB DIM in

the monitor outputs. This input has an adjustable gain, and can be switched to feed input 2

of the Dante soundcard for remote communications over the network. The Nucleus2 mic

pre's are SSL SuperAnalogue Mic Pre's, identical to those used on SSL Duality and AWS

consoles and our X-Rack system giving Nucleus2 a professional standard transparent mic

record path. The mic inputs have 80Hz High Pass Filters, Polarity Reverse and Phantom

Power. A pair of insert send/return connections for incorporation of external analogue

processing or effects default to the mic/line/instrument inputs but can be moved across to

DAW playback for mixdown. An additional "external" stereo analogue input provides a

transparent SuperAnalogue monitor path for another audio interface, or any other analogue

device. There is an accurate analogue output level meter. A stereo minijack connection

makes monitoring from an iPod or any other portable audio device straightforward. Two

headphone outputs complete the monitoring options.

Nucleus2 DAW Control is based on the concepts developed for the SSL Matrix. Up to 3

different DAWs can be connected simultaneously and you can switch between them with a

single button push. Nucleus2 uses either HUI or MCU protocols ensuring compatibility with

all leading DAW applications including Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase/Nuendo and can transmit

MIDI CC data. Nucleus2 provides a complete set of dedicated and assignable hardware

controls that is easily customised to suit individual user preferences, for all major DAW and

plug-in parameters. Two banks of eight channels each provide; 100mm motorised Faders,

fully user definable soft keys and V-Pots, dedicated Select/Solo/Cut buttons and 10 point

channel level meters. The Nucleus2 centre section DAW controls provide; large heavy duty

transport buttons, a high quality jog/shuttle wheel, bank/channel/ layer selection &

navigation/global DAW parameter selection and additional USB keyboard emulation buttons.

Bright LCD Digital Scribble Strips, DAW audio level meters, self illuminating buttons and LED

status indicators ensure excellent visual feedback even in low light conditions. System

configuration is via a remote "SSL Logictivity" browser, which allows differing control profile

sets to be stored and recalled. It is here that the user defines exactly how the Nucleus2


Nucleus2 connects to your computer via high speed Ethernet for DAW control and Dante

Audio. It also features a USB connection and appears to your host computer as a standard

keyboard enabling key command emulation. There are three USB ports on the back which

operate as a USB hub. A standard jack footswitch connection is also included and there is

also an SD card slot for Profile storage. Configuration and mapping of Key commands and

DAW Commands is via a remote "SSL Logicitivity" browser, which allows differing control

profile sets to be stored and recalled.

We could have stopped there but because we can, we chose to endow Nucleus2 with one

final killer feature; it includes the SSL Native Essentials Bundle. This includes the new SSL

Native versions of the SSL Channel EQ & Dynamics and Stereo Bus Compressor VST/AU/AAX

plug-ins. The EQ & Dynamics Channel is the classic SSL Console Channel Strip with 4 band

parametric EQ, Compressor/Expander/Gate, High Pass and Low Pass filters. The SSL Native

Bus Compressor is the sound of the classic SSL Stereo Bus Compressor from the 1980's G

Series analogue console delivered in plug-in form.

53 999,00 kr