Lewitt LCT 040 MATCH

Well-balanced sound with pleasant high-end
Made for acoustic guitar and drum recordings
Durable and light aluminum housing
Cardioid polar pattern
Included: Windscreen, Microphone clip, Transport bag

Well-balanced sound with pleasant high-end
With this sound, you'll hit record right away.
The LCT 040 MATCH provides professionally refined sound, right from the moment you hit the "record" button. After thorough testing and adapting, we tailored the small diaphragm condenser capsule to give you well-balanced sound with a pleasant high-end; professional results and zero hassle.

Light as a feather it outlives endless tours.

The LCT 040 MATCH is built to last yet it is lightweight thanks to its CNC'ed aluminum housing, weighing only 44 g or 1.6 oz. Together with its space-saving form factor positioning and setup become easy tasks. A cardioid polar pattern picks up sound coming mainly from the front of the mic. Background noise will not get in the way, which means your signal stays clean as can be.


1 029,00 kr