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Well-balanced sound with pleasant high-end
Perfectly matched stereo pair
Made for acoustic guitar and drum recordings
Durable and light aluminum housing
Cardioid polar pattern

Your mics for fantastic sound, in stereo.
Do you want to get into stereo recording or just need a nice pair of overheads? With the
perfectly matched LCT 040 MATCH stereo pair, recording is as easy as it gets, precise
localization and incredible room impression guaranteed.
The tried, tested, and tuned small diaphragm condenser capsule provides well-balanced
sound with a pleasant high-end: quick results, no hassle.

Just hit record and perform.
The LCT 040 MATCH provides professionally refined sound, right from the moment you hit
the "record" button.
The tailored small diaphragm condenser capsule guarantees immediate professional sound
without the hassle.

Perfectly matched stereo pair - What does stereo add to my sound?
Stereo creates a three-dimensional and therefore, a more authentic listening experience.
Just as with our ears, the location of a sound source can be determined by differences in
level and time.
By having two matched cardioid pattern microphones, you can create perfectly balanced
stereo recordings.
We match our mics precisely.
We measure the frequency response and sensitivity of every single microphone we produce.
Our measurement system controls the polarization voltage of the capsule to adjust the
sensitivity, so it is the same for all LCT 040 MATCH.
An algorithm compares all measured frequency responses and puts together the perfect
pairs. Those get packed and sent to you.


1 999,00 kr