Clip for Guitar

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The height of the d:vote™ 4099G clip (guitar clip) can easily be adjusted to fit a wide variety of stringed instruments with a body depth between 35 mm (1.4 in) and 122 mm (4.8 in). Press the lock on the side of the clip to increase height.

Place the clip in its maximum position on the instrument, and reduce the height to fit the instrument by pressing the parts firmly together.

Mounting the gooseneck

Choose the desired gooseneck height and place it in the grip. Secure the gooseneck by sliding the fixation part over the grip.

The d:vote™ 4099G can be easily readjusted and moved to another instrument by using just one hand. Squeeze the two clamp knobs on the clip to expand it, mount on the instrument, and then release.

It will now fit the shape of the instrument. This will vary depending on the required instrument and playing style.

Application note

A recommended miking placement for the most balanced sound is where the fretboard meets the body, typically above the 12th fret.

For optimum volume, point the microphone toward the sound hole. A blend between your guitar's pick-up and the d:vote™ condenser microphone is often a good choice on stage. This can provide even more gain before feedback while keeping a natural guitar tone. The optional DAO4099 Double Cable will reduce cable clutter.

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