Acoustic Drum Loops - Multitrack Loops 19.8 Gigabytes

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Multitrack drum loops of various styles: Acoustic/Earthy, Blues/Reggae, Country, Jazz, Metal, R&B /Funk and Rock/Pop

Mix your loops how you want. A great-sounding multitrack loop library for Studio One that gives the user more control than ever before.

  • Acoustic/Earthy
  • Blues/Reggae
  • Country
  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • R&B/Funk
  • Rock/Pop
  • Includes intros, verses, bridges, choruses, fills, endings, and alternate grooves
  • Multitrack loops contains separate tracks for kick, snare, hi-hat, toms, overhead mics, room mics and ambient mics, allowing users to mix the drum kit to their preference
  • Each style contains multiple options or variants to choose from
  • Time stretch
  • Multitrack Stereo Loops 24-bit / 44 kHz
  • Recorded in Nashville, TN at Downtown Batterie by acclaimed session drummer Tony Morra.
  • 19.8 gigabytes
  • Requires PreSonus® Studio One® 2.6.4 or higher. Prime, Artist, Producer, or Professional.

Bonus: This collection also includes multitrack loops from some of Volume 1's best beats!

499,00 kr